Are You Well (Intellectually)?

In my thirty years working with corporate executives and business owners, I have learned that emotional intelligence (EQ) is probably more important than intellectual intelligence (IQ). Business cultures with high levels of employee engagement, have leadership teams with high levels of emotional intelligence.

I recently came across an article on “Intellectual Wellness” which has many similar attributes to emotional intelligence. Anything we can do to improve our “Intellectual Wellness” is certainly going to contribute to a happier and more productive life. It would be “well” worth your time to take the twelve question quiz below and learn how you are doing on your own “Intellectual Wellness”.  For more information, go to

Are You On Your Way To Intellectual Wellness? 
Answer yes or no to these questions and see how you rate below.

  1. I’m usually on the lookout for new skills to learn.
  2. I generally have mentally stimulating interests.
  3. I am usually satified with my work/career.
  4. I normally am optimistic.
  5. I think of myself as a “lifelong learner.”
  6. I seek out ways to improve myself both personally and professionally.
  7. I read books other than those related to my profession.
  8. I adapt to change.
  9. I keep up with current events via the Internet, newspaper or other media.
  10. I am financially responsible.
  11. I consider myself to have healthy interpersonal relationships.
  12. I maintain my physical health by regular trips to the doctor.

Give yourself a 1 for every “yes” and a 0 for every “no”.

8 or more – EXCELLENT:  You are on your way to Intellectual Wellness!
5-7 – AVERAGE:  You’re trying, but there is room for improvement.
4 or less:  BELOW AVERAGE:  Check out for tips on how to improve.

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