Jeffrey Redmon

Jeff Redmon dtrcPrincipal: Redmon Law Chartered, Inner Circle of St. Croix Valley

Jeffrey is a business counselor: both commercial lawyer and trusted business adviser with over twenty-five years helping clients, large and small, find solutions to complex business problems. Jeffrey has many notable accomplishments in his distinguished career. He has developed an exceptional talent at helping companies find solutions when all others have given up. Additionally, Jeffrey has long standing relationships working with well-known organizations; Sallie Mae and the National Board of Girls Scouts of the U.S.A. are among these.

Areas of expertise:

–Complex business dispute resolution
–Business owner mentoring
–Corporate law
–Developing the legal structures necessary to build a high performance organization
–Coaching: how to manage where business intersects with personal goals
–Formation and functional development of board

Jeffrey holds a B.S. from Iowa State University and a J.D. from University of Iowa College of Law. He is licensed to practice law in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. Active involvement in national and local boards focused on youth and economic development are among Jeffrey’s passions.

For more information please visit or contact Jeffrey at:
Redmon Law
Phone: 715-386-0100
Fax: 715-386-0700
St. Paul Metro: 651-998-0900

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