Joseph Nemastil

Joe Nemastil dtrcPrincipal: The NT Group, LLC

Joe has over thirty years of experience in applying information and communications technology.

The NT Group is a 10-year old company that works with small and mid-sized business owners desiring growth and/or more productivity.

The NT Group ‘quarterbacks’ the work in four essential areas of IT:

–Servers/PCs/Other Devices

The NT Group also represents a broad spectrum of technology service, hardware, software, and security vendors; we give clients a single point of contact and excellent vendor options if and when they’re needed.

Our ‘secret sauce’ is in our ability to explain, enhance and organize the use of IT to accomplish business goals, taking the mystery and hassle out of the equation, and giving business owners independent and expert perspective on better options around technology, while keeping the focus on budget, cash flow, and driving the business forward.

For more information please visit The NT or contact Joe at:

Phone:  612-279-2160

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