Emily LeVasseur

Supply Chain

Based out of Minneapolis, Waypost Advisors LLC offers Supply Chain expertise specific to the needs of small-to-medium-sized businesses.  Our team of dedicated supply chain experts help clients benefit from help finishing critical projects, filling interim resourcing needs, and providing access to fractional leadership.  Our team of advisors are experts and leaders with real-world industry experience dedicated to solving supply chain challenges in manufacturing with a focus on accomplishing the front-line work.  We know what works because we’ve done it before.

At Waypost we:

  • Provide you with best practices to meet your unique business needs
  • Build supply chain capabilities and focus on knowledge transfer to our clients to ensure sustainable results
  • Enable long-term success and flex to your business needs
  • Help you prioritize and execute work that delivers the biggest impact to the bottom line
Emily LeVasseur

Areas of focus

Project planning & execution

Process improvement & documentation

Planning and system implementation support

Cost reduction

Supply reliability

Sourcing strategy and supply chain development

Areas of focus

Cost & Service improvement

Optimization & Efficiency Improvements

Supplier and Network Development

Sales & Operations Planning/Execution (SIOP)

Inventory strategy and optimization

Working capital & cash flow improvement

Emily is co-owner and Managing Director of Waypost and a bona fide “supply chain geek.”

Emily has over 17 years of supply chain experience. Her career has spanned transportation & logistics, demand/supply planning, and continuous improvement along with leading large supply chain groups within Cargill.

She’s dedicated her passion and expertise to small and mid-size manufacturers so that they could have access to the supply chain experience that could help them grow their business and take advantage of the secrets of large companies.

Emily gets excited about solving problems and tackling big challenges. You’ve likely never met someone quite as passionate about supply chains as she is.

Along with delving into inventory theory, she enjoys building Legos with her daughter, riding the slopes in the winter, and cycling to the local breweries in the summer.