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Business owners worry about their technology and how secure their data really is. Many move to the “cloud” and hope that Google or Amazon will protect them. But it seems that every month we hear about another “hack” or case of ransomware and we wonder, is my business properly protected? Am I really at risk?

It’s hard to say this, but we are all at some level of risk. But the real question is what can I do to mitigate the cybersecurity risk am protect my business. The organizations trying to hack into our companies are well funded and working hard to find a way in. and we must keep them out.

EBITDA Partners is proud to host an event for business owners so they can learn some real actionable ways to lower the cyber risk to your business. Keith Schoolcraft, one of our Partners and the founder and owner of a COUPLE of GURUS, one of the Twin Cities oldest manager service providers, will provide some key insights into what he has learned over a career working in IT and what he is telling his clients today how they can better protect their businesses.

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