Greg Pomerantz

Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing will drive profitable sales growth. The marketplace has changed dramatically over the last ten years and business owners have to make changes on how they sell to their customers. At Pomerantz & Associates, we help our clients figure out to provide their products or services to their customers so that the customers buy, when then want, how they want and at a price they are happy with.

We are committed to helping our clients increase revenue by finding new ways to better react to the everchanging needs of their customers. Our approach is analytic, fact based and highly collaborative. In essence, there are three key things that we do to help our clients drive sales: 1. Develop strategic plans on how to better “go to market;” 2. Commercialize and launch new products; 3. Develop new plans that enable our manufacturing clients get better results from their distributors and dealers.

Finally, we will conduct business development and leverage our personal network to learn faster and provide continuously improving marketing plans.

Greg Pomerantz

Areas of focus

Strategic Planning

Brand positioning, advertising, promotion

New product development and commercialization

Integrated marketing

Direct marketing


Areas of focus



Direct Response/catalog

TV home shopping (QVC)

Home center/building materials


Greg Pomerantz was trained in “blue chip” companies like PepsiCo and ConAgra, and then moved into fast-growth, entrepreneurial environments like NordicTrack and Miracle-Ear. For the last 15+ years, Greg has worked as a consultant with privately owned and emerging businesses with a focus on driving sales.

At Pomerantz & Associates we work with a broad range of industries to develop marketing and sales strategies, commercialize and launch new products, and establish new distribution channels for our clients. Beyond simply creating a marketing plan, we actively engage in business development, performing sales calls if desired for our clients to validate new products and uncover new customers.

With more than 30 years of experience, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, Pomerantz & Associates can help you build an affordable, actionable roadmap to increase sales and profitability.